How to Find the Best Consignment Shops

How to Find the Best Consignment Shops

Americans generate over 16 million tons of textile waste a year. A lot of that comes from clothes that are never worn and then get thrown away. What can you do to lessen that massive amount?

Consignment shopping is a great way to find unique, high-quality articles of clothing without participating in clothing waste. But not all consignment stores are created equal. If you're searching for "consignment near me" and only finding stores with high prices, bad quality clothing, and poor organization, you need some help! ReTreat hopes to continue doing our part by providing an upscale sustainable shopping experience!

Use this guide to learn about consignment shops and how consignment shopping can cater to your personal style, save you money, and discover amazing finds in fashion, decor, and more. Finding a great consignment shop is easy if you know what to look for!

What Is a Consignment Shop?

Consignment shops (like thrift stores) sell used and preloved items for a lower cost. However, there are some key differences between thrift stores and consignment shops.

Consignment stores are typically for profit businesses. These are the dream businesses for some small business owners which mean they put extra care into running them. Larger consignment businesses also care a great deal more than the typical thrift store because the brand image is key to their success.

While thrift stores take items on a donation basis, consignment stores typically pay their suppliers for their items and must price them higher. Consignment stores are not typically charitable organizations and won't take any donation of clothing. They specifically curate the clothes that they sell to appeal to their target demographic. 

If you choose the best consignment store for you, you'll have to do less searching than you might have to at a thrift store. You're much more likely to find designer clothing you love in excellent condition in a consignment shop than a thrift store. You'll already be in a place that generally appeals to your personal style and budget. That's why it's so important to do your consignment shopping at the right place!

Stop Searching Consignment Near Me: Choose Well Known Consignment Shops

One way to make sure that you're going shopping at the right consignment store is to go for the tried and true stores! There are several well-known consignment chains and stores worldwide where you can begin your consigning journey. Some are online and some are in person, but all of these options are great depending on what you're looking for.

Let's take a look at some popular consignment shops and who they cater to best.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a consignment store that can be found in multiple cities across the country. You can find both men's and women's styles there, and they definitely appeal to a younger crowd.

You'll find a mix of highly trendy items with cool vintage finds at Buffalo Exchange. If you want to find unique and sometimes edgy items at a decent price, Buffalo Exchange is an excellent place to start your consignment journey. 

Don't expect to find too many basics at this location. They generally have trendy, young people making the choices about which items they choose to buy.

Plato's Closet

Plato's Closet has an even younger demographic than Buffalo Exchange. This is a great consignment store for teenagers. They'll be able to find age-appropriate styles that are often fresh off the racks. Plato's Closet is famously picky about what they buy in order to please their young demographic.

They also have strict rules about the condition of clothes, so you'll know that the things your teen are buying will last.

Greene Street Consignment

Greene Street is a North East consignment brand that caters to a more adult crowd. These are high-end stores that specialize in preppy, classic looks from high-end and luxury brands. 

Now that doesn't mean you can't find unique items at this store, but their goal is more about staying on top of current fashion trends and offering the highest quality. Prices at Greene Street are slightly higher than Plato's Closet or Buffalo Exchange, but you're getting what you pay for when you find brands like Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic, Louis Vuitton, and more.


Poshmark is an app and website that has taken the consignment world by storm. It isn't one individual online shop but instead many shops run by many individuals who can curate their wares as they please.

It's a great way for people to make a little extra money while keeping clothes out of the landfill.

You have to find specific shops within the app that are curated to your style and standards. Not all Poshmark shops are created equal and many are run by people just selling under-used clothes from their closet. For this reason, Poshmark requires a bit more digging than your average consignment experience.


Depop is not unlike Poshmark with its multiple sellers on a single platform. However, it's much more marketed towards alternative, young, and edgy customers. That isn't to say that every shop on Depop achieves that goal, but you're much more likely to find those kinds of styles on Depop.

Depop also has a unique feature where you can filter out styles by genres and periods. You can find vintage clothing from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and Y2K. You can find indie clothes, grunge clothes, emo clothes, pastel clothes, funky clothes, and so much more simply by applying filters. 

If Poshmark is good for searching a specific item of clothing you've been looking for, Depop is better for choosing a mood and seeing what you discover.

ReTreat St. Pete 

ReTreat is an excellent online store and brick-and-mortar shop if you prefer a much more curated consignment experience. 

Every item in store is authenticated so that you know you are getting items of the highest quality - and it isn't just clothes. ReTreat offers furniture and decor alongside clothes and accessories so that you can find things within your specific style for every facet of your life.

ReTreat's personal style can be defined as bright, clean, classy, and a breath of fresh air. Whether you're looking for vintage or current styles, you'll find that everything at ReTreat has a certain elevated ease to its style. 

One of the best things about in-person shopping at ReTreat is how organized and uncluttered everything is. There's enough room for the eye to wander and land on the perfect item. You may even find the perfect Gucci handbag. Shop with confidence knowing that all our designer bags are authenticated by Entrupy.

Once Upon A Child

Consignment isn't just for adult fashion. You can get your children started on consigning early with consignment stores like Once Upon a Child.

Children (especially babies) grow out of their clothes so quickly. Many articles of children's clothing go virtually unworn before being thrown away. Don't participate in that waste!

Instead, search Once Upon a Child for adorable styles both in casual play clothes and items for formal events. You'll find even designer kid's clothes at around 70% off their original price.

Then, once you're child is done with those clothes you can also sell them to Once Upon a Child locations to make some of the money back. It's a great way to save money, dress your kids in great styles, and give back to the earth a little bit.

Beacon's Closet

Beacon's Closet is a New York City staple when it comes to consignment. They're known for their vintage quirky items. It isn't all vintage, but a huge majority of it is and everything else is certainly unique.

Beacon's Closet is a great option if you're looking for both men's and women's styles in a single trip. 

Independently Owned Consignment Stores

You don't have to go to the big-name stores to find great items at a greater price. Plenty of smaller, independently owned consignment stores take their work very seriously, and you can find fantastic items there.

Next time you're in a big city, ask the nearest person who is dressed in a style you like where they shop. They're sure to mention at least one excellent consignment shop for you to check out.

Check Out Forums and Facebook

Don't want to take our word for it when it comes to consignment shopping? We understand! Sometimes it's best to get opinions from people that you know have similar tastes to you. Reddit forums and Facebook groups are a great place to ask around and get recommendations for consignment stores.  

If you have a niche style, you can join groups where people post about their outfits. Ask where they got certain items! Ask where they like to consign their clothes! You're sure to get some very useful answers.

Even if your style is very nice, you can still use groups and forums to your benefit. There are some groups that are specifically dedicated to consignment and thrift. People will post in those groups about their favorite stores, and then you're getting a firsthand recommendation.

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Try Out Your Local Consignment Stores

Sometimes the best way to find the best new stores for consignment is just to try them out. It can sound daunting, but there's a great payoff too! Think of yourself as the next big influencer in consignment shopping.

When new consignment shops in your area open, go check them out. Consider if they meet your style and price range. Check out the quality of the clothes that they choose to sell. Then make your decision and share a review in one of those groups or forums that you now frequent! You'll be adding to the life and wellness of the consignment community in your area.

Check Social Media

Social media has become a huge hub for consignment sellers. You can find whole shops on Instagram that either sell through an online consignment platform or directly through their DMs or personal website.

The reason that social media is so great for consignment is that these shops are able to build up a very specific brand image and aesthetic for their followers. Usually, just a few seconds on an Instagram page can tell you if that seller meets your personal aesthetic needs.

Then, all you have to do is follow them and wait for them to post the item of your dreams. No more digging through racks hoping to find something that fits you and fits your style. They do that work for you!

Find Consignment Shops Owned By Artists

Some of the best consignment shops are owned by artists. Artists and fashion designers have an especially good eye for good and unique clothing. An artist who owns a consignment shop will be looking out for the most striking and engaging pieces of clothing to sell in their store. They have aesthetics down to a science.

The other cool thing about consignment stores owned by artists is that they often also sell their own work there. Some fashion designers repurpose clothes for new, cool designs that they sell alongside their consigned picks. Others may sell their paintings or pottery alongside their clothes. 

These kinds of consignment stores are fun and inspiring places to shop. Plus, you'll be giving back to the bohemian and artist community in your area. The more those artists thrive, the more their consignment stores will, and you'll know that you always have a good place to buy clothes.

Consigning Made Easy and Fun With the Right Stores

When you go to a consignment store that you've already scoped out and know will be rewarding, consignment shopping becomes so easy and fun. All that's left to do is try on the coolest clothes and see what fits. Cause you already know it'll be great stuff.

Stop searching aimlessly for "consignment near me" and start consigning at the best locations today! Ready to get consignment shopping online? Check out our online options in our store!