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      Hermès Bags: The Epitome of French Elegance & Style

      Hermès bags are some of the most coveted luxury handbags in the world. Synonymous with luxury and refinement, Hermès bags are prized for their impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. 

      Hermès has been crafting exquisite handbags since 1837, making the French brand the oldest luxury brand in the world. Each Hermès bag is handmade by skilled artisans using the finest materials, making them a timeless investment piece for any fan of luxury handbags. 

      Get to Know the Different Types of Hermès Bags

      Whether you choose a classic Hermès Birkin bag or a more modern style like the popular Hermès Kelly bag, owning one of these luxury handbags is sure to elevate any outfit. However, as any fashionista might know, there are major differences between these types of handbags.

      The Birkin is perhaps the most iconic Hermès bag. Named after actress Jane Birkin, this bag is renowned for its sleek silhouette and elegant details. Hermès offers the Birkin in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors, making it a truly versatile piece.

      The Kelly is another classic Hermès bag. Named after Grace Kelly, this bag is characterized by its structured shape and signature hardware. The Kelly is available in several different sizes, each perfect for carrying all of your essentials.

      And finally, we have The Constance, a chic Hermès bag that combines elegance and functionality. This bag features a sleek rectangular shape and two front pockets, perfect for holding your phone and other small items.

      For stylish shoppers looking for a Hermès crossbody bag, we suggest looking for one of the following styles: Halzan, Sac Berline, Jypsiere, or Evelyne.

      Used Hermès Bags: Uncompromised Quality at a Great Price

      When it comes to the conversation surrounding Hermès bag price points, we understand that most new Hermès bags are out of reach for most. After all, the current retail price for a Hermès Birkin 25 is well over $10,000.

      That’s why we created Re(treat). Here, we make finding your next treasure easy and affordable with an uncluttered approach to resale. Rest assured that all our luxury handbags undergo authentication before they reach their new home (your home!).

      Thanks to their enduring popularity and exceptional craftsmanship, Hermès bags often hold their value well. This makes them a wise investment for any fashion lover or handbag collector.

      Browse Our Collection of Hermès Bags

      Treat yourself to an added touch of luxury in your life. Browse through our collection of Hermès bags. We often update our collection, so if we don’t have the bag you’re currently looking for, either check back soon or get in touch with us!