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Valentino Handbags

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      At (Re)treat, we give luxury Valentino bags a second chance at being loved. Don't worry about sifting through countless racks to find a Valentino bag. We carefully curate every piece we sell in our store, ensuring you're getting an authentic and beautiful piece. 

      Treat Yourself to a Signature Valentino Bag

      For decades, Valentino bags have been hand-made using the process Mario Valentino created in the 20th century. Each piece of leather in a Valentino bag is meticulously selected and cleaned before being used to make a bag. Whether you're looking for Valentin crossbody bags or another type of handbag, you're sure to receive something exquisite when you purchase Valentino. 

      High-Quality Materials Chosen With Care

      Valentino uses a few different types of signature leather in all of its bags. 

      Sauvage: Supple and baby soft, perfect for an everyday bag

      Saffiano: Shiny and stiff leather that's elegant and classy

      Dollaro: Retains the natural grain and texture for a modern look

      Suede: An accent material used to give a bag a velvety finish

      Once the leather has been selected and treated, it's then given to one of the experienced artisans at Valentino. They hand-stitch and cut the leather to create a customized bag. 

      Each of Valentino's handbag artisans specializes in one or two bag styles. They spend years perfecting their techniques, with only the best bags sold each year. 

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      At (Re)treat, we're committed to giving our customers an opportunity to purchase unique items at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a designer handbag or an art piece for your home, you'll find something unforgettable at (Re)treat. 

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      You don't have to break the bank to treat yourself to Valentino bags. Find Valentino bags for sale online or in-store at (Re)treat.